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Some example rates:
Afghanistan Rate Afghanistan - Cell Albania Albania-Cell Algeria Algeria-Cell American Samoa
American Samoa-Cell Andorra Andorra-Cell Angola Angola-Cell Anguilla Antarctica
Antigua and Barbuda Antigua-Cell Argentina Argentina-Cell Armenia Armenia-Cell Aruba
Aruba-Cell Ascension Island Atlantic Ocean Regio Australia Australia-Cell Austria Austria-Cell
Austria-Cell T-Mobil Austria-Vienna Azerbaijan Azerbaijan-Cell Bahamas Bahrain Bahrain-Cell
Bangladesh Bangladesh-Cell Barbados Barbados-Cell Belarus Belarus-Cell Belgium
Belgium-Cell Belize Belize-Cell Benin Bermuda Bhutan Bolivia
Bolivia-Cell Bosnia-Cell Bosnia/Herzegovina Botswana Botswana-Cell Brazil Brazil-Belo Horizonte
Brazil-Cell Brazil-Rio de Janeiro Brazil-Sao Paulo Brunei Brunei-Cell Bulgaria Bulgaria-Cell
Burkina Faso Burkina Faso-Cell Burundi Burundi-Cell BVI Cambodia Cambodia-Cell
Cameroon Cameroon-Cell Cape Verde Islands Cape Verde Islands-Cellular Cayman Islands Cayman Islands-Cell Central African Republic
Chad Chad-Cell Chile Chile-Cell China China-Beijing China-Cell
China-Guangzhou China-Shanghai China-Shenyang China-Zhengzhou Colombia Colombia-Cell Comoros
Congo Cook Islands Costa Rica Costa Rica-Cell Croatia Croatia-Cell Cuba
Cyprus Cyprus-Cell Czech Republic Czech Republic-Cell Denmark Denmark-Cell Diego Garcia
Djibouti Djibouti-Cell Dominican Republic DR-Cell Dutch Antilles Dutch Antilles-Cell East Timor
Ecuador Ecuador-Cell Egypt Egypt-Cell El Salvador El Salvador-Cell Equatorial Guinea
Eritrea Estonia Estonia-Cell Ethiopia Ethiopia-Cell Faeroe Islands Falkland Islands
Fiji Fiji-Cell Finland Finland-Cell France France-Cell French Antilles/Mart
French Guiana French Guiana-Cell French Polynesia Gabon Gabon-Cell Gambia Gambia-Cell
Georgia Georgia-Cell Germany Germany-Cell Germany-Cell 3G Germany-Cell E+ Germany-Cell Mobilko
Ghana Ghana-Cell Gibraltar Gibraltar-Cell Greece Greece-Cell Greenland
Greenland-Cell Grenada Grenada-Cell Guadeloupe Guadeloupe-Cell Guam Guatemala
Guatemala-Cell Guatemala-Special Guinea - Cell Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau-Cell Guyana Guyana-Cell
Haiti Haiti-Cell Honduras Honduras-Cell Hong Kong Hong Kong-Cell Hungary
Hungary-Budapest Iceland Iceland-Cell India India-Ahmedabad India-Bangalore India-Cell
India-Hyderabad Indonesia Indonesia-Cell Iran Iran-Cell Iraq Iraq-Cell Orascom
Ireland Ireland-Cell Israel Rate Israel-Cell Israel Paltel Israel Paltel Cell Italy
Italy-Cell Ivory Coast Ivory Coast-Cell Jamaica Jamaica-Cell Japan 日本
Japan-Cell Japan-Tokyo Jordan Jordan-Cell Kazakhstan Kazakhstan-Cell Kenya
Kenya-Cell Kuwait Kuwait-Cell Kyrgyzstan Laos Laos-Cell Latvia
Latvia-Cell Lebanon Lebanon-Cell Liberia Liberia-Cell Libya Rate Libya-Cell
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein-Cell Lithuania Lithuania-Cell Luxembourg Luxembourg-Cell Macau
Macau-Cell Macedonia- Macedonia-Cell Madagascar Madagascar-Cell Malawi Malawi-Cell
Malaysia Malaysia-Cell Mali Mali-Cellular Malta Malta-Cell Marshall Islands
Mauritania Mauritius Mexico Mexico - Cellular Mexico - Mexico City Micronesia Moldova
Moldova-Cell Monaco Monaco-Cell Mongolia Mongolia-Cellular Montenegro Montenegro-Cellular
Montserrat Montserrat-Cell Morocco Morocco-Cell Mozambique Mozambique-Cell Myanmar
Namibia Namibia-Cell Nauru Nauru-Cell Nepal Nepal-Cell Netherlands
Netherlands-Cell New Caledonia New Zealand New Zealand-Cell Nicaragua Nicaragua-Cell
Niger Niger-Cell Nigeria Nigeria-Cell Niue Norfolk Island Norfolk Island-Cell
Norway Norway-Cell Oman Oman-Cell PA-Cell Pacific Ocean Region Pakistan Rate
Pakistan-Cell Pakistan-Islamabad Pakistan-Karachi Pakistan-Lahore Palau Palestinian Authorit Panama
Panama-Cell Panama-Panama City Papua New Guinea Paraguay Paraguay-Cell Peru Peru-Cell
Philippines Philippines-Cell Poland Poland-Cell Portugal Portugal-Cell Principe and Sao Tom
Puerto Rico Qatar Qatar-Cell Reunion Island Reunion Island-Cell Romania Romania-Cell
Russia Russia - Moscow Russia-Cell Rwanda Rwanda-Cell Saipan San Marino
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia-Cell Senegal Republic Senegal Republic-Cellular Serbia Serbia-Cell Seychelles Islands
Sierra Leone Sierra Leone-Cell Singapore Singapore-Cell Slovakia Slovakia-Cell Slovenia
Slovenia-Cell Somalia South Africa South Africa-Cell South Korea South Korea-Cell Spain
Spain-Cell Sri Lanka Sri Lanka-Cell St. Helena St. Kitts St. Lucia St. Lucia-Cell
St. Vincent St. Vincent-Cell Sudan Sudan-Cell Suriname Suriname-Cell Swaziland
Swaziland-Cell Sweden Sweden-Cell Switzerland Switzerland-Cell Syria Syria-Cell
Taiwan Taiwan-Cell Tajikistan Tanzania Tanzania-Cell Thailand Thailand-Cell
Togo Tokelau Tonga Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad-Cell Tunisia Tunisia-Cell
Turkey Turkey-Cell Turkmenistan Turks & Caicos-Cell Turks and Caicos Tuvalu Tuvalu-Cell
Uganda Uganda-Cell UK UK-Cell Ukraine Ukraine-Cell United Arab Emirates Rate
Uruguay Uruguay-Cell Uruguay-Montevideo USA Uzbekistan Vanuatu Vatican City
Venezuela Venezuela-Cell Vietnam Vietnam-Cell Yemen Yemen-Cell Zaire
Zaire-Cell Zambia Zambia-Cell Zanzibar Zimbabwe Zimbabwe-Cell VIOP
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